Rebate Firm Services
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Create Rebate Programs that Drive Sales

Rebate Firm assists smart marketers who know the ROI advantages of rebate fulfillment and processing. Rebates not only acquire customers and provide proven sales lift, they can expertly leverage marketing communications to engage your customers, create positive experiences and build brand loyalty. Rebates have been proven time and time again to boost sales and profits and we are experts in the creation and design of Rebate/Spiff programs.

Based upon a manufacturer’s business and program objectives, Rebate Firm develops and administers manufacturer Rebate Programs that ensure the accuracy and timeliness of processing and reporting.
Rebate Firm’s Rebate Web tool provides immediate access to rebate transactions. With real time access to program information by manufacturers, sales representatives, retailers or consumers, business decisions can be formulated or modified on a timely basis.

Sophisticated web-based architecture guarantees data integrity, elevated accounting and financial controls. Ongoing graphic reviews and comprehensive program summaries add value to the data, which provides the knowledge necessary to build successful future promotions. Reporting is flexible and incorporates the data elements designed to assist in program development and enhancement.

Our company works with a diverse range of companies involved in online incentive marketing, loyalty programs, market research, online rewards programs, not to mention rebates.

Rebate firm understands that rebates are way more than just a transaction. They are an opportunity to engage your customer, the beginning of a conversation. The interaction of a rebate or other information-producing vehicle such market research surveys can be clunky and cumbersome – or it can be seamless, informational, brand improving and positive. Our Secure Administration provides immediate access to rebate transactions. With real time access to program information, business decisions can be formulated or modified on a timely basis.

Standard Services
  • Creation and design of Rebate/Spiff programs
  • Fast payment processing with on-line claim submission
  • Headquarter, sales and consumer access to web tool
  • In-depth program reporting and analysis
  • In house claims processing
  • Outstanding customer service
Customized Services
  • Consumer completes rebate form received at point of sale or in product and mails directly to Rebate Firm with any proof of purchase requirements.
  • Rebate Firm opens mail and validates contents against client’s supplied checklist. Our data capture software allows for many validation routines to automated during data capture.
  • Rebate Firm captures all data required from the rebate form, UPC’s and receipts per client’s record layout.
  • Computer processing determines if the rebate is compliant. Rebate Firm fulfills merchandise, check offer or transmit file to other source for fulfillment.
  • If the rebate is non-compliant, Rebate Firm follows client instructions for rejection. Could consist of reports to client, mail reject reasons to customer, etc.
  • Rebate Firm provides client with custom detailed reports as required and when required.


Monthly Statements

Summary with details of Payments sent, Payments cleared, Remaining Payments to clear, fees, remaining Balance in Account, among other reports

Reporting and Secure Upload Interface

Reporting and Secure Upload Interface Upload your files using our secure, SSL-encrypted file upload system and access data transmission and history reports

Standard Checks

Check Size: 8 1/2``(w) x 3 1/2``(l) Highest-Quality Security Checks Available Custom Designed Checks created by Frank W. Abagnale

Custom Checks

Have the ability to include personalized notes on the check stub Imprint Color company logo (or other company information) crisply and cleanly on the checks

Dedicated Account Representative

Dedicated Account Representative You have a dedicated account rep, there for you 5 days a week from 9am to 5pm PST


We can Print and insert Color/Black and White Flyers, Pamphlets, Newsletters and Leaflets into envelopes

Fraud Protection

Rebate Firm fraud prevention strategy uses multiple layers of protection in order to control payment fraud, some of which are listed below:

Security Envelopes

All envelopes include black security tine, which prevents sensitive check information from being read through the envelope

Checks printed using MICR Technology

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a character recognition system that uses special ink and characters to provide a much higher level of security and a decreased exposure to check fraud. MICR provides a secure, high-speed method of scanning and processing information in the banking network.

Positive Pay Protection

Positive Pay is a banking process designed around preventing fraud. It consists of a process to submit files to the bank that contain issued check information. When a check is received by the bank, the bank compares the data on the check to the issued check information provided by the client. If the check information contains any discrepancies compared to the issue file, the check is set aside as an exception for the client to review for accuracy. This helps prevent check fraud by preventing criminals from cashing fraudulent checks just by using a stolen account number or blank check. This also prevents the payee from altering the check amount or other vital pieces of information.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.