There are a couple ways for customers to submit a rebate claim, by mail or an online custom-branded website. Regardless of how customers submit a rebate claim, the talented Rebatefirm staff have tried and true systems that perform a series of innovative validation measures. Validation procedures are customized to your program and include checking for duplicate submissions and confirming required documentation (i.e. proof of purchase, receipts, etc.). Once claims have passed through the verification process, rebates are able to be issued and fulfilled quickly.

  • Rapid turn-time to optimize the consumer experience
  • Data protection and fraud control
  • Reporting and financial management
  • Prompt and High-Quality Data Entry

Rebate Submission Website Creation Services

Rebatefirm offers a digital claims submission rebate process for your company while increasing end-user experience. Branded, custom-built claims sites allow participants to fill out, submit and track their rebates easily. This would enable customers to efficiently submit claims and track their rebate status and to eliminate time consumer paperwork, documents can be uploaded for validation. Once validation rules have been met, per your specifications, we can processes and fulfills the rebate.

Our custom solutions can integrate with a corporate system, provide reporting or output requirements as needed.

Rebate Scanning, Validation and Data Entry Services

Scanning Services at Rebatefirm are both accurate and completed in a timely fashion. We provide day-forward records scanning of documents for multi-location companies. Each location has the ability to send documents directly to us. We scan and index them so they are online and in your corporate imaging system daily.

Bring us your current, complex and challenging data entry projects. Really, nothing is too complicated for us. We guarantee we’ll turn it around quickly–and with no compromise in quality. We start by analyzing your work to find the most cost-effective method for capturing any data on paper that requires digital conversion. Whether it’s mail lists, legal documents or rebates, we make sure that we capture your data while saving you the most money.

Our platform provides efficient scanning solutions for both local and national clients. Our scanning solutions are perfect for businesses that want to extract data in a more effective and timely manner. Instead of having to actively search paper by paper for a document that needs to be transferred or emailed, our scanning services allow all documentation to be digitized and searched within seconds through our proprietary database management systems.

OCR Scanning Technology

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data.

Rebateform utilizes this technology to efficiently process, extract data and validate mailed-in claim forms. Our experienced staff and professional grade equipment will ensure your OCR scanning project is a success. We adhere to the highest level of quality, delivering an accuracy ratings of 99.9% and guaranteeing maximum accuracy on all work. Rare and incidental errors that may occur are fixed immediately when notified.

Manual Validation and Data Entry

Data Entry can be tedious and time-consuming when completed in office. If you are maintaining massive direct mail campaigns with millions of archives, organizing market research, or simply have vast amounts of paper forms that you need converted to digital files, we can supply you with data entry services that accurately meet and exceed your requests in a cost-effective manner. We provide services nationally to businesses in all industries across the United States, along with data entry services in St. Louis, MO.

When choosing to outsource to Rebatefirm, it permits for extra time for your team to better utilize their capabilities and effort into growing and increasing important your business’s most important activities.

Benefits of Rebatefirms Website Creation, Claims Form Scanning and Data Entry Services

Cost-Savings and increased Workflow Productivity – Outsourcing data entry to a dependable company specializing in data entry services is less expensive than the cost of hiring administrative employees. Money saved can be invested back into the business rather than expended on inefficient in-house data entry. Additionally, the disposal of paper-heavy business processes creates more room for storage that was once consumed by file cabinets full of documents wasting away.

Accuracy and Efficiency – All of our processes are designed to maintain a high degree of accuracy throughout the process. You can trust that we will check each document and guarantee accuracy and speed. Once all quality checking is complete, we can return your documents or shred.

Better Use of Resources and ability to focus on Customer Service – If you’re able to eliminate administrative tasks from your team’s daily agenda, noticeable differences in employee productivity and creativity occur. Not only is their time used more effectively, but they also become more resourceful assets to the company, which becomes advantageous in competition with competitors. Once you are no longer spending time on repetitive tasks, your employees can focus more on the satisfaction of new and long-term customers. Good customer service is one of the most important functions in the retention customer relationships.

For pricing and the cost of website creation, scanning or data entry services at Rebatefirm, Contact us today and receive an estimate or additional information free of charge.