Rebatefirm is a leading rebate and refund check processing and management company that provides a platform to support many of the services for the rebate payout industry. Our services give a wide range of industries such as retailers and packaged goods, electronics, telecom, automotive, pharmaceuticals, as well as a wide-range of services, a cost-effective outsourcing solution for increasing sales and volume.

By use Rebatefirm as your third party rebate and refund fulfillment processor, you will enjoy fast, scalable, intelligent, and secure efficient payout and fulfillment center platform. Our clients find that we are within the top rebate processing companies in this industry, as we offer a strong partnership based on trust and successful fulfillment.


  • Online and Virtual Rebate Programs
  • Prize, Reward or other Incentive Programs
  • Sweepstakes, Games and Contest Administration
  • Retail and Manufacturer Rebates Programs
  • Co-branded offers, Multi-Channel programs, Point of Sale and other similar Programs.
  • Cashback, Cash bonus and Money Back Guarantee Programs
  • Manufacturer-to-Dealer Incentive and Dealer Cash Programs
  • Promotion , Loyalty, Continuity and Retention programs
  • Premium and Spiff programs
  • Business to Business Distribution Rebate Systems

Our Rebate and Refund Management system also allows you price protection for your items, while still moving forward with your Product and Service Needs


  • Rebate and Refund Paper/Digital Check Distribution System and ACH Transfer Platform
  • Branded Marketing and Promotional Insert, Letter, and Envelope Mailings
  • Robust Reporting and Analytics System
  • Automated APIs as well as a system of robust web-based tools
  • Address Verification, Normalization and De-duplication
  • Flexible Banking and Reporting Options
  • Rebate and Refund Account management
  • Submission Processing such as High-speed Scanning and Data Capture
  • Survey, Mail-in Rebate and Coupon Clearinghouse and Digital/Manual Data Processing
  • Creation of Branded websites to seamlessly gather and process consumer information
  • Digital/web programming, production and hosting
  • Tax Rebate Check Processing
  • P.O. Box address provisioning based on your specific needs
  • Customized Email updates to customer

Our rebate processing services provide immediate access to rebate payouts and transactions, as well as offering a robust rebate promotions and rebate payout management platform. Using rebate discounts offers many advantages: it stimulates sales by offering customers the benefit of a temporary discount on an item. As well, rebates are an incentive to collect valuable consumer information to better understand clients. 


  • Offer a large capacity rebate platform to support high volumes and quick turn times
  • Design and Implementation of a Customized Data Capture Process
  • Design an efficient Paper/Digital Check or ACH Distribution System
  • Verify rebates, coupons, forms and/or other orders as required
  • Manage all details from data entry to answering customer questions about your rebate
  • Design a website with validation rules for users to fill out, submit, and track rebates.
  • Customized process to meet the needs and workflow process of the various and specific types of rebate program.
  • Assign roles to control access/authorization for varying access and responsibilities levels of your system users.
  • Offer a Online Portal with Customized Transparency, Tracking and Reporting
  • Custom reports available with export capabilities in many common formats
  • Design a comprehensive fraud detection system based on your specific needs
  • Offer both manual data entry and high-speed scanning and automated data capture for greater security and flexibility in processing
  • Assist in managing your specific legal compliance regulations

A successful consumer rebate program does more than just lift sales. It delivers a positive brand experience that creates loyalty and repeat customers. Rebatefirm makes it easy for you to execute a rebate program that’s cost-effective for you and highly engaging for your brand.


  • Cost-effective rebate and refund processing services with reduced postage costs
  • Wide array of services that fulfills all your rebate requirements
  • Assist in Regular analysis of online data
  • Expert personnel and Best-in-class customer service
  • Heightened financial management system that reduces financial risks
  • Verify rebate, coupons and/or form orders as necessary
  • Manage all details from data entry to answering customer questions about your rebate
  • Freedom of choice of paper-based or web-based paperless rebate management systems
  • Efficiently Merge savings with suppliers and consumers
  • Customized / branded web portal for rebate processing
  • 24/7 online access by your customers to our systems
  • Fraud protection and rebate validation processing
  • Customer notification of rebate status
  • Quicker processing times and as-needed rebate fulfillment times
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced reporting to show successful results of your rebate program

Programs that are successful are often outsourced to maximize their return and gain consumer insight and data. It is easier for industries to hire third-party rebate processing companies such as Rebatefirm that understand the very complex, labor-intensive and require a high level of security. In short, rebate processing companies,  like Rebatefirm, are expected to handle the most complicated types of consumer rebate distribution processes.

Beyond our ever-expanding rebate processing technology, is our experienced, dedicated support teams that provide our clients the program assistance they need to structure a successful rebate program. As a Rebate Management Company, we understand the importance of sharing best practices and providing exceptional support that ultimately saves our clients time and money. Contact Rebatefirm Today to find out how we can support your Rebate and Refund Management Needs.


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