Rebatefims State-of-the-Art Technology and Various Platforms enable their users to use their World-Class Intuitive User Experience(UX) systems, a combination of both Firewall Protected Dedicated Servers, as well as Cloud-Based Solutions, in order to provide a Platform that allows the collection, processing, and management of secured and encrypted data and put the data you need at your fingertips. Simplify the process of handling your customer incentive rebates and allow them to be completed online. Reduce time and use one simple system for everything.

Our Technology Team and Advanced Development Systems

Our team of talented IT professionals have decades of experience in developing web-based and custom software applications. While our developers are skilled in today’s best practices within coding, UI and testing methodologies, we keep a keen eye on emerging technologies as well as the latest security vulnerabilities. As new standards surface, you can rest easy that the Rebatefirm IT team already has a handle on it. Our roster of seasoned professionals is 100% dedicated to the success of your project. All of the applications we create, build and deploy are done so by our IT team from our Tempe, Arizona Headquarters.

Developed under agile development, in-house IT, we have built our technology and dynamic architecture around the principle that the technology today will be different in 18 months. This development allows any existing technology to be replaced and improved while keeping the core essentials of our model. Using the Agile development practice of building it to change it, we are prepared not only for your challenges today, but your challenges tomorrow and years from now.

Online Portal with User-Friendly Interface and Advanced Reporting Systems

The Rebatefirm Administrative Online Portal is designed to assist you in real-time analytics, ease of access, and reaching your consumers when and where they want to be reached out to. We aim to make this process as simple as possible while integrating all of your company needs in allowing you to make it simple to monitor and pay out rebates faster than ever. Easily identify which programs, channels, and locations are helping you meet your business goals.

API Solutions

Our secure and streamlined suite of APIs delivers rewards to many of the world’s leading loyalty, employee and other incentive programs today. Our system-to-system integration is a cost-effective method for ordering rewards on demand. Our robust services can also be triggered automatically by program and inventory needs.

Our API processes have evolved to a level where communication with almost any database is easily set up. The data that needs to be readable and editable, as well as other additional fields, will need to be explored and determined initially, but the process is one we have done quite substantially and well.

The biggest determinations are most likely tied to where specific data is held and managed. Each case is different and with our experience, this is usually where we have feedback to help drive security, fraud, customer experience, and controls.

We also work with multiple companies to be able to integrate 3rd party software or provide 3rd party access securely. No matter what you need, our review of your programs, data, integration, etc, is taken with security as the priority and customer experience is next.